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"The Matetic estate is one of the most impressive and expansive in Chile...More importantly, it’s through these holdings that the estate has become a leader in both biodynamic farming and in the development of Syrah as one of Chile’s viticultural strengths."
Alistair Cooper, April 2024
“The nature of Chile’s wine industry mitigates against small, boutique wineries. One of the few that comes close to qualifying is the biodynamically farmed Matetic winery. It is a brilliantly run winery whose youthful vineyards will only get better with the passage of time.”
The Wine Advocate – Robert Parker; April 2009
“At Wine & Spirits, when our panel tasted the inaugural vintage of Matetic’s EQ Syrah, the 2001, we were blown away by the fresh, vivid character of what was the first cold-climate Syrah in Chile. Today we continue to be impressed. “
Author nameWine & Spirits; Winter Issue 2014